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Opening in LINK Consulting

Hi Guys
There is a vacancy in LINK Consulting which is an upcoming LPO located at Jangpura New Delhi.

Eligibility :
Law Degree (L.L.B) with 3-4 yrs and (L.L.B/L.L.M) with 7-8 yrs of experience preferably specialising in Corporate/Commercial Laws.
The candidate should possess good analytical skills, should be focussed n a fast learner with good command on the english language; excellent communication and writing skills.

Compensation negotiable.

Candidates from Delhi/NCR will be preferred.

For further details about us u can visit ""

Those interested can send in their resume to ""

U can also contact :
Meghna at 011- 24371166

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B.A., P.M., Permanent Position In Singapore

5-7 Years of total Experience in which
- at least 3-5 Years experience in Java-J2EE, Core and Web-based development,
- 3-5 Years experience in a Business or Systems Analysis role,
- 1-2 Years experience in Project Management

Essential Desirable
- Java, J2EE, Weblogic and Oracle/Sybase database
- Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.
- Strong analytical, logical and problem solving abilities.
- Web and Client Server Technologies
Competent understanding of Databases and Client-Server applications.

Please send your cv on

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Experience 1-3 yrs

Company: Scientific Mes Technik Pvt Ltd, B-14, Polograund, Industrial Estate, Indore-15 (MP)
Ph: 0731 2422330-33
cont: Mr Prabhu Sir
Ref: A K Jain (Testing Engr)
Note: Person who works on ALTERA get prefered.

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PG Diploma course on VLSI Design in bhubneswar

High End Career Ensured for Students interested in VLSI Design

hurry up..entrance test going on !!!

About the Institute:

Silicatec is a sister concern of STG chips pvt ltd. STG chips is nearest to a future Silicon Valley in Orissa where VLSI start up companies are being set up by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs from USA and has close ties with this local and international VLSI industry.

The course offered by Silicatec is the most advanced & researched VLSI training program according to the modern industry requirements in niche areas of verification, protocols and scripting languages. It is an innovative learning center with an objective to elevate the knowledge of fresh graduates through a specially designed program, in the domain of VLSI with the aim of immediate fitment into work Organization & Culture.

please visit the URL

Silicatec VLSI at a glance:

Why Silicatec:

High-tech experienced Silicon Valley Founding team
- Strong Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs as founder
- Strong Know-how of Semiconductor/VLSI technology
- Founder of several successful VLSI companies in USA

Who will teach:

- Experienced instructors with strong VLSI research and training experience
- Visiting professors from IITs and many reputed institutes
- Instructors from the Semiconductor Industries in India and USA

Proven Methodology for success:

- Strong knowledge of complete Specification to Silicon proven Methodology
- Know-how of creating flawless chips from Industry point of view
(not just Theory)
- In-depth analysis of each stage of chip design (Front-end and Back-end)

Real Chip design project experience:

- Working on latest Chip design Projects
- Learning of new generation protocols
- Get the complete feel of working on real life chips

If you want to explore yourself in VLSI design, send us your updated profile ASAP and take up the free entrance test for the entry.

For any query, please call us at

Mail us at

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Projects on Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics

BioMed offers JOB ORIENTED TRAINING in Molecular Modeling & Computer aided drug design with project experience certification and placement assistance We also offer Live Projects for final semester students & Summer Training Students. For any further details, candidates are kindly requested to register their names in the website

Please note that we also provide separate hostel facility assistance for ladies as well as gents.

Thanking you,
BioMed Informatics
Medwin Hospitals Academic Block, Ist Floor,
Medwin Hospital, Nampally, Hyderabad – 500 001
Phone: 040-40209750/66821025

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CoreJava / Multithreading

Excellent Opportunity based at Bangalore for COREJAVA / MULTITHREADING with minimum 3+ yrs experience.

Send resumes immediately to --->

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Requirement for "Technical Architect-JAVA/J2EE


At presently we are having some requirement for "Technical Architect-JAVA/J2EE" at one of the MNC's.

Kindly go through the detail requirement below:

Company Name: One of the MNC's

Designation: Technical Architect

Skills Required: Java/j2ee, 3+ yrs of experience as an Architect role.

Experience: 6 to 9yrs

Job Location: Pune

If you are interested in the mentioned requirement, kindly send your updated resume at

Thanks & Regards,

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Urgent Opening for "Development Manager(Java)


At presently we are having some urgent requirement for "Development Manager(Java)" at one of the MNC's.

Requirement Details:

Company Name: One of the MNC's

Designation: Development Manger/Technical Project Manager

Experience: 8 to 10yrs

Job Description:

1. Two years have been in a technical project manager or development manager role.
2. The role involves delivery of product based professional services to internal & external customers and will involve extensive communication and expectation management with customers and counterparts.
3. This is a technical role and the candidate will be required to have strong skills and experience in Core Java, JSP/JSF, databases, design techniques & patterns.
4. Experience in the EFT area will be very favorably considered.
5. Will be responsible for delivering technical solutions, technical leadership on the team, mentoring and general people management.

Job Location: Pune

If you are interested in the above requirement, kindly send your resume at

Thanks & Regards,

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Netappp (Network Appliance) Interview Questions test automation

had two telephonic rounds of interview with Netapp(Bangalore India) for test automation(QA) position. Interview was focussed mainly around Perl, C and testing basics. Basically, anyone applying for test automation position in any company can go through this set.

Each of the interview was of 30 min duration. I am summarizing questions asked in both the rounds....

1. (As usual) Please walk us through your profile

2. Then I was asked about my role in the current organization. What work I do?

3. Explain your automation framework

4. Did you do any enhancement or write any API for the automation framework? Explain
what you did? Here, they dont care what product you work on..just explain them how , why and what all you did.

5. Do you know any special variables in Perl? If yes, which are they?

6. How does Perl know about end of file while reading a file?

7. What operators are used with regular expression? I was confused with this question and asked for clarification and he gave me an exmaple like "s" for replace...Ans: tr(translate), g, i

8. Do you know of any Perl test operators like file test operators? How many? Which?

9. What kind of Perl programming do you do? OOP or regular?

10. Which Perl modules have you used?

11. Did use use telnet module or socket module?

12. Lets say, you want automate this functionality of cleaning up client machines from server. Cleaning up means reboot, restore a image and report back to the server. How will you do it? What technique will you use? Use anything perl or any language....Can telnet module be used for above automation?

13. What are the differences between array and hashes in perl?

Second Telephone(Didnt ask anything abt perl, all OS ,C, compilers and testing)

14. What are different components of operating system? What is the basic functionality provided by operating system? ans. mem mgmt, process mgmt, scheduling

15. Explain different types of schedulers for process mgmt.

16. Do you anything about how data is orgainized on disk? What is inode in UNIX?

17. What are the different types of testing? Tell them at least 7-8 types, they keep on waiting to hear more...

18. What is sanity testing? What is regression testing?

19. What the different data types in C?

20. Do you know of any storage data types in C? Ans. auto, static, extern and register

21. Then what is the advantage of register data types? Where they should be used?

22. Lets say you have a C program?What happens when u compile the program..I had to recall
my knowledge about two pass compiler but could not go in deep..He asked that what happens

to macros when the program is given for compilation.

23. Lets say you include a header file in your C program. What does the compiler do when the program is submitted for compliation...I almost gave up for this question. But I suggest keep trying...testing of your indepth knowledge

24. Difference between load testing and stress testing

25. Then a really nice question. I liked it personally. The interviewer said that he has written

his own FTP client and wants to test it. He gave me some time to think and said that come up
with all testing is needed to test the application....I went over funcitonal pts, then some negative test cases like invalid server, network down, how crashes are handled, timeouts, security, connection limits to server and stuff.

Oh, by the way, they do prefer interviews in the evening so that you are comfortable at your home with no disturbance around. Feel free to change the schedule as per your time.Once you are through a round you can expect another call within 2 days.

Best of Luck.

Submitted by
Nice Friend

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VMware interview question QA test automation position

I have had one round of telephonic interviews with Vmware (Bangalore India) for test automation(QA) position. Interview was focussed mainly around Perl, OS concepts and Unix. If you are looking for some test automation related question then you can go through this blog.

The telephonic interview lasts about 30-45 min. I am able to recall these questions

  1. Can you quickly go through your profile as to what have you done so far
  2. What responsibilities do you cater to in your current organization
  3. Explain your automation framework (this is a very common question in almost all interviews for test automation positions)
  4. They asked me which all programming languages do I know. I said C TSL winrunner, perl, shell, oop concepts, HTMl. Then he asked me which of these have I been actaully using in my work. I said Perl and TSL and shell scripting
  5. So, he started with Perl, first googly. What will happen if you assign a hash to a scalar. I didnt know but later found out that the scalar actually tell us about the internal representation of how the hash has been stored internallyi.e how many buckets allocated and how mayn are being actually used.
  6. What are the data types in Perl
  7. Have you ever written a perl module? What does a module start with and what does it end with?
  8. How do you use a module in your perl program?
  9. How do you break out of a for loop? and - last statement
  10. Then he started with OS concepts...DO you what is paging? Explain it
  11. What is internal and external fragmentation? I didnt expect these OS question and I was trying to recall from my acedemics...and he asked whether I use these concepts in my daily work or whether I am recalling it from my academics. I told him that four yrs have been passed since graduation, but I am trying to recall these concepts.
  12. He continued with OS...what is difference between thread and process (dont tell him that thread is instance of a process...he will ask again..what does it mean)
  13. What is multi process and multi thread program (GOD knows what did he mean by a multi process program)
  14. What is caching? What is the difference between cache and buffer cache(I dont know second one)
  15. Which flavor of UNIX do you use?
  16. What is the command to find all files with extn *.c in UNIX?
  17. Then how do you find a line "#include" in all these file using the above command? i told him use grep and stuff..and he asked me abt the exact command to use it
  18. How do you see machines IP address is unix?
  19. Which file stores the IP address in UNIX?
  20. What is the equivalent command in UNIX as to using a task manager in Windows? basically he wanted to know how to find out how much memory a process is using
  21. How to find out which ports are open on UNIX
Thats all I can recall! It is sort of rapid fire round to test your basics. I just had one iterview and waiting for second call.

Best of Luck.

Source Nice Friend

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Immediate Opening with a leading client of Ardik


This is Jyothi from Ardik Consulting, Bangalore.

I just want to share details regarding a job opening that i have with my prestigious client.

Experience: 2 – 4 years

The candidate should have experience (not exposure) on following skill set.
Javascript, UNIX, Any automation tool like QTP, Silktest, Winrunner.

Location: Bangalore

About the Client:
- Established in the year 2000
- Has offices in Tokyo, Bangalore, Chennai
- Software company completely into Software Testing

Kindly let me know if you are interested and dont forget to pass this on to your acquaintances.

You can reach me on OR Tele: +91.80.41154400

Ardik Consulting

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Openings at Siemens!!! Rush your resumes

Greetings from Vshreyas!!!

We have several openings for Sr Software Engineer on C# (Winforms) / VC++ for one of our Major client in Bangalore with 3-7yrs of Experience.

Plz go through the job description below.

Exp: 3 - 7 Yrs
Loc: Bangalore
Skills: C# (Winforms) / (VC++, MFC)

Kindly send your Updated CV with the Following Details
4.Any interview before Siemens (Y/N)?

Best Regards

Tel: 080- 4125 8330 / 9886053458

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Immediate openings in bangalore

1. Role Description - Database Administrator and Programmer
2. Java Module Leader / Jr. Project Manager
Technical Requirements : Strong J2EE , Java , JSP , Struts , Hibernate experience

Experience Level : 6-8 Years
3. .NET Module Leader / Jr. Project Manager
Technical Requirements : Strong C# .NET , ASP .NET
Experience Level : 6-8 Years
4. .Net Developer
Technical Requirements : Strong C# .NET , ASP .NET
Experience Level : 2-3 Years
5. Java Developer
Technical Requirements : Strong J2EE , Java , JSP , Struts , Hibernate experience
Experience Level : 2-3 Years


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PHi Business Solutions

What we do?

PHi is an end-to-end global Technology & BPO Services provider. On offer is a bouquet of services that include IT Consulting, Technology and BPO Services. You may hire the best of breed consultant/s at PHi, for that all important strategic decision to overhaul your IT infrastructure or ask us to do a bespoke technology implementation or use our Offshore Development Center (ODC) as an extension of your own organization for, software solutions development, software product re-engineering/new product development/product support or transfer your core and non-core business processes to one of our global process and delivery centers to reap the benefits of faster turn-around, high quality and lower costs.

Why PHi ?

In the absence of single vendor accountability, it is the customer who finds itself stuck, in a web of complex vendor management & problem escalation procedures. PHi Business Solutions is a mission to unshackle businesses from this anomaly.

PHi's unique positioning as a one stop full circle technology and business process outsourcing service provider, comes as a big relief for the demanding customer, who has to go around dealing with multiple vendors, to meet their business objectives. We help you rediscover your business. You focus on finding ways and means to increase your business reach & penetration. And we focus on ensuring that you succeed in your endeavor. That's our commitment to our esteemed customers. And trust us; we feel it makes enormous sense to have you on our side, as eventually we too gain when our customers gain. So how about creating that winning partnership. Still wondering about…! WHY PHi?

Part of the US$ 150 million Modern Group
Long term Vision
Willing to invest in dedicated facilities
Strong Data Security
24 x 7 Support
Complete one-stop solutions
Dedicated and Highly Qualified Professionals
Having one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry
Customized solutions as per requirement
Global Customer Service Centers located in the US, India and South Africa
Proven Technical capability
Most cost-effective rates in the business
Reliability and Quality of India

The PHi Assurance…

It is a part of our corporate ethos to do things the right way and in the manner that suits you best. Nothing is thrusted upon you and no major changes occur in the way you are used to conduct your business. Even though we are end-to-end Technology Solutions & BPO Service providers…you still have the prerogative to choose a particular service and probably go about asking for more…the call is yours. What ever services our customers choose, the quality of deliverables will be the best in class…meeting strict timelines is something we have been known for, right from our inception, eight years ago…and do not worry about cost, we guarantee to make your bottom-lines bulge, and give Wall Street enough reasons to cheer.


PHi Business Solutions Limited
98-99 Sector 34 A
Sub-City Center
Chandigarh 160022
Tel: +91.172.2609001 - 03 Fax: +91.172.4629000

PHi Business Solutions, Inc.
One Oxford Centre
301 Grant St, Suite 4300
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Fax: 1.800.298.4099

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Perot Systems

Since 1988, Perot Systems Corporation has delivered technology-based business solutions to help organizations worldwide control costs and cultivate growth. Drawing on deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, application, and infrastructure services, we blend strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery to create solutions that maximize returns on IT investments. And through collaborative, long-term relationships, we enable our customers to achieve and sustain measurable results.

Ours is a simple mission, really: to help you achieve the results that define success on your terms. And for more than 19 years, Perot Systems has enabled our clients' success through industry-specific expertise, quality services, and collaborative relationships based on core business values with professional integrity at the center. From our corporate leaders to our more than 22,000 associates worldwide, we're dedicated to helping businesses achieve and sustain measurable results.

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Patni Computer Systems Ltd. is one of the world's leading providers of Information Technology services & business solutions. Over 14,000 professionals service clients across diverse industries, from 21 sales offices across the Americas, Europe & Asia-Pacific, and 19 Global Delivery Centers in strategic locations across the world. We have serviced more than 200 FORTUNE 1000 companies, for close to three decades.

Our vision is to achieve global IT services leadership in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.

A global organization with expertise across diverse industry verticals and technology practices, Patni today combines the flexibility of a small company with the stability of a large company. Through the caring and nurturing culture that we have diligently created over the years, we ensure that our people gain holistic experience at all levels. Our collaborative work environment drives every Patni-ite to go beyond their defined roles and excel in their individual capacities. If you are looking for an energetic, challenging and rewarding environment, then Patni is the place to be.

A vibrant, stimulating and open culture has made our people deliver their best performance at all times. Hence, empowerment is not a buzzword but represents a well-defined growth path. We believe in encouraging employees to take up responsibilities at early stages of their evolving careers.

Grooming future leaders is critical to the success of any organization. In line with this vision, we have created several programmes that help align individual aspirations in line with the company’s vision. For example, LEAP (Leadership Excellence at Patni) is a framework that is designed to identify leadership skills for every role in the organization.

Patni is recognised as the ideal place for nurturing and grooming young talent across technology platforms and industry verticals.

So come discover Patni and give wings to your career.

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About us
It's about what excites you most..
The passion for innovation?
The thrill of measuring up to the big challenge?
The fascination for an upbeat career growth?

Here is the opportunity
MphasiS is an EDS company that drives talent in creating a global footprint. Talent, passion and the will to excel is the winning combination we seek in delivering world-standard services through technology know-how, domain and process expertise.

MphasiS and EDS come together as one big company to provide integrated solutions involving Infrastructure Technology, Applications & Business Process Outsourcing capabilities. From Manufacturing, Financial services, Healthcare, Communications, Energy, Transportation, Consumer and Retail industries to Governments around the world, our client list features global players. We have over 130,000 employees spread over 64 offices across the globe helping clients increase their competitiveness

We work on a wide range of technologies that include Dot Net, Mainframes, AS/400, Java / J2EE, Testing, Oracle D2K / PLSQL, Pro*C / C, C++ / Unix, BA, ERP / SAP / PEOPLESOFT, DBA, Datawarehousing / COGNOS, BUSINESS OBJECTS / DATASTAGE / MICROSTRATEGY, Web Methods, EAI / Seebeyond / Siebel / Tibco, Open Systems, etc.

A career with MphasiS-EDS means:
Making the most of your special abilities as you contribute, succeed and grow with a dynamic company.
All-round skill enhancement and continuous learning.
Skill and knowledge enhancement on the job.
Transparent Work Environment At MphasiS, an EDS company, we are committed to creating an environment where every employee feels valued and respected.

Contact us

MphasiS (Applications)
139/1 Hosur Road
Bangalore 560095

Tel: +91 80 4042 4242
Fax: +91 80 2552 2719

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Media Lab Asia

About Us
Media Lab Asia (MLAsia) has been set up by Department of Information Technology, MCIT, Government of India as not-for-profit Research & Development organisation under section 25 of Companies Act. After completion of the initial phase, Government of India has approved a full scope programme for MLAsia.
MLAsia works on the paradigm of collaborative research in the task of developing relevant and sustainable technologies and culturally appropriate solutions and bringing them to the daily lives of people. MLAsia works with Academic and R&D institutions, industry, NGOs and Government in this endeavour. The support for this unique endeavour from Government of India is amply demonstrated by way of constitution of a Board of Directors chaired by the Hon’ble Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology & Advisory Board chaired by Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India. Other members of the Board and the committee are eminent personalities in the country in their respective areas of specialisation.
The list of collaborative partners for development is growing and the network of national laboratories for undertaking different types of development work is expanding. Faculty and research staff of these associates are core participants of the programme.
Many projects undertaken in the areas of ICT for Village Livelihood Generation, Healthcare Education, Empowerment of the disabled and Rural Connectivity are now undergoing test deployment and are being made ready for national / large scale deployment.
Media Lab Asia trade mark has been registered in the fallowing countries:
South Korea
Philippines (Application Filed)
Vietnam (Application Filed)
Thailand (Application Filed)
Media Lab Asia was promoted by Department of Information technology, MCIT, Govt. of India as a not for profit company in 2001. The objective of the company was set to bring the benefits of ICT to the common man. It started with the functional activity areas such as World Computer (Affordable, ubiquitous computing & access devices), Bits for All (Low Cost, High bandwidth connectivity) and Tomorrow's Tool (Rurally relevant applications). However it was later changed to application areas such as ICT for- Healthcare , Education , livelihood , Empowerment of Disabled , and Wireless Connectivity .Since then the company has taken up 75 development projects and some of the projects are now being rolled out at the national level. The company has a unique way of growth by working with an expanding network of research laboratories for undertaking development work. It started with creating a hub at some of the IITs and the list of such project partners has grown to more than 40. The partners are a combination of academic and R&D institutions, industry, NGOs and Govt. Agencies. The projects can be sponsored by Corporate Bodies, Govt. (Central/State) and Local Municipal Bodies/Panchayats etc.After development the technology is taken from lab to land for pilot testing/ large scale deployment through a unique scheme of provider/user membership under PPP model.MLAsia is poised for developing relevant & sustainable technologies and culturally appropriate solutions touching daily lives of common people in years to come.

Media Lab Asia has embarked on an adventurous plan for meeting the grand challenges in brining the benefits of quality ICT technologies in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Empowerment of the disabled, Village Livelihood Generation and Rural Connectivity, keeping in view the need to operate in local languages and to support local culture and tradition, by empowering people at grassroot level forming collaborative efforts with R&D laboratories, Industry, NGOs and Government.

Through a network of national laboratories dedicated to bring the benefits of new technologies to the masses, Media Lab Asia will work with Industry NGOs and Government and facilitate the invention refinement and dissemination of the innovations to every village of India by combining the creativity of Indian Entrepreneurs with the technical know-how of universities to grow sustainable, culturally appropriate solutions.

Contact Us
Media Lab Asia - Delhi
C-235, First Floor,Defence Colony,
New Delhi,India - 110 024
Ph Num : 91 11 5155 3692
Fax Num : 91 11 5155 3689

Media Lab Asia - Mumbai Samruddhi Venture Park,
Central MIDC Road #2,4th Floor,
Andheri (East),Mumbai,
MaharashtraIndia - 400093
Ph Num : 91 22 2831 2930/ 31
Fax Num : 91 22 2837 9158

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Ready for tomorrow since 1982Every little step taken today is geared to help take flight, and stay true to your dreams. We have lived by our commitment to be a solutions provider, a world-class one at that, enabling businesses to apply technology to create business transformation.The word Mastek has evolved out of the 'best of management practices and software technology'. We engage with our clients in delivering strategic IT programs and platforms that enable their business innovation and transformation.. Therefore, it is a matter of pride that Fortune 500 companies are our clients now, and our solutions are poised to create many-a-first in their respective industries.Our range of enterprise solutions to the Insurance and Government verticals is the foremost proof of this passion. As the Third wave hits the Indian IT industry, Mastek is poised to become a bellwether for Wave 3 companies out of India.

To respond to your inquiries and mails quickly and accurately, we will connect you directly with the relevant people. You can help us by choosing the most appropriate contact information for your purpose. We hope you appreciate that we may not be able to respond quickly or accurately otherwise.Choose the user group that best describes you to view related contact information.
Clients: Prospective or Current Need more information on our services?

InvestorObtain answers to investor-related questions.

News MediaContact our Corporate Communications group.

Job SeekerSearch job listings and submit your resume online.

SupplierDo you have any services/ products to sell to Mastek?

Mastek AlumniSend us your suggestions / feedback.

Mastek Offices Global offices contact information.

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Mascon Global Ltd.

Established in 1998, Mascon Global Limited is a public company listed on the Bombay and the Luxembourg stock exchanges. We have our origins dating back to more than two decades in the form of Mascon Technical Services, a company that specialized in providing enterprise applications under the brand name of IMAS. Over the years, through organic and inorganic processes, Mascon Global has come to be known as a company that provides high value IT services to our global clients. We work with a variety of clients, ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, creating and implementing variety of solutions. We have a strong presence in India, with operations and well-established software development facilities at Bangalore and Chennai.In terms of technology, we have done extensive work on Telecommunications and Networking like fixed mobile Convergence (FMC) Wi-Max and Ip Multimedia subsystem (IMS), VOIP, CDMA, GSM, web/e-business (J2EE and Microsoft), web frameworks (BroadVision, ATG Dynamo, Documentum etc.), SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, client-server, EAI, data warehousing and legacy development(IBM Mainframe and AS400) and migration.
Our dedicated R&D team is constantly working towards developing Frame works/protyped solutions for next generation networks. Our talented pool of engineers are committed in providing end to end solutions to our customers and are skilled at concepts like high availability provisioning and monitoring quality assurance. Mascon employs more than 2200 professionals in different offices spread across 3 continents. Mascon offers its services through its offices/development centers around the world, including the United States, Mexico, UK, India, and Russia. Mascon achieved the distinction of being one of the fastest growing technology companies (ranked by Deloitte and Touché) in the US.Quality practices have always been the hallmark at Mascon. This is demonstrated by Mascon having achieved the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification and CMMI Level 5 Company. Our internal quality processes are among the most stringent in the IT industry. Quality, at Mascon, is characterized by continuous improvement and is measured by cost, speed and flexibility improvements. BS 7799 assessment certification was obtained in 2005.
Industry vertical solutions

Banking and finance
Product engineering
Media and publishing

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ITC Infotech


One of the fastest growing IT services companies (54% CAGR)Fortune class clientsGlobal footprints in 44 countriesIndustry's highest quality accrediationsRecognition by leading Analysts
if these excite you, we need to touch base.
ITC Infotech, part of ITC Limited, one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation of around US $ 6 billion and a turnover of US $ 2.6 billion, is actively seeking talents to accelearte its growth towards realizing its ambitious plan. Apart from a competitive compensation packege, we aim to create an environment, which respects, rewards and empowers talents by offering
Space and freedom to operate and take independent initiatives
Accelerated opportunities for global and cross-functional exposure
Scope for structured and accelerated professional development where you determine where you want to be as you go along
Explore career opportunities with us. Explore more about us.

Contact Us

ITC Infotech ITC Infotechpark Pulikeshinagar P.O. Bangalore - 560005 Tel : 2549 0531-38 Fax : 2547 1550/ 9312

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ITTI is an IT Consulting and Software services Company, headquartered in Bangalore, with Development Centers and offices at Bangalore, Mumbai & Chennai; San Jose & Boston in the USA; and, Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia in the APAC region.ITTI’s Consulting teams have focused on constant optimization of the IT and process landscape of our Customers. We have consistently delivered quality work products and services to Fortune 500 as well as Small and Mid-size (SMB) Customers in the CPG (FMCG), Automotive, Process (Cement), Electronics & Pharmaceutical domains.We are a CMMi Level 5 company with more than 300 associates at our worldwide offices and development centers.We offer IT Consulting and Software services in the following areas:
Enterprise Business Solutions Group
JD Edwards Enterprise One
BPCS / AS 400
Business Intelligence Group
COGNOS, Oracle
Application Development & Maintenance
Product Development
Application Development, Support and maintenance
Microstoft- C#, VB.NET, MS SQL Server, PHP
Sun - Java, J2EE
Databases - Oracle, MS SQL Server
“Optimizing Customer Value” and a Customer-centric focus, at all levels across the organization, has enabled ITTI to scale several highs and build a track record of customer satisfaction and fulfillment. We have reached out across the globe and acquired a wide portfolio of Customers in India , Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and America.

India Offices
Bangalore(Registered & Corporate Office)

ITTI Pvt. Ltd.1/5, Santhosh Complex,Armugam Circle,Basavanagudi,Bangalore- 560 004,INDIA
Tel: 0091 - 80 - 4110 2525Fax: 0091 - 80 - 4110 2571E-Mail: Navin BalanClick here for trade enquiries

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IRIS Software

As a first generation enterprise, IRIS has accumulated all the experiences of being one and has built a strong foundation for its future growth and vision. Backed by a group of professional promoters, IRIS has been able to chart for itself a roadmap for sustained progress and professional achievement, keeping in perspective the continuously changing technology landscape, customer needs, employee aspirations and social and cultural imperatives.
The Growth Indicators• Employee - The GrowthBeginning with just 3 employees in 1991, today Iris Software has a large number of software professionals employed at its US and India locations. Irisians are employed at the levels of Project Managers, Project Leaders, Module Leaders and Team Members. Supporting them is an effective Sales and Marketing team, a resourceful HR team, a Quality Team and accounting and administrative support staff. Our Human Resource practices are well defined, clearly outlining the career growth opportunities of all staff. We identify the goals and objectives of every individual and map these to what Iris can offer - these are discussed with every prospective employee. A clear organization structure is in place and the lines of authority and responsibility have been clearly defined.• Customers - The GrowthToday Iris Software has a larger number of customers from a diverse industry sectors that include financial services, insurance, media, healthcare, technology and telecom etc. Many of our customers whom we began an engagement with have retained our services till today. This reflects a high level of customer satisfaction Over the years, we have continuously added customers and new engagements and significantly the contribution made to our revenues is by our customers generating repeat business
" To be recognized as a people driven customer focused organization that consistently delivers cost effective and quality software solutions and services to its customers.""When IT Matters, We Deliver."
- Sanjiv Khanna, CEO
• The People Mission Iris Software delivers its solutions through an empowered team of professionals, where all the members are encouraged to innovate and explore and take responsibility for their own growth both technically and professionally. Iris fosters an open work environment and culture that encourages personal and group achievement with a clear focus on delivering customer satisfaction.• The Quality Mission Quality Policy - "IRIS is committed to consistently deliver value to its customer's business and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing innovative software solutions through continual process improvement and empowered teams."• The Social MissionThe members of Team IRIS or Irisians, as we call ourselves, have not forgotten the less fortunate. Iris Software encourages all Irisians to actively participate in several social initiatives . Amongst the organizations that we support include SPIN (Serving People In Need) and others.


With the advent of the Internet, businesses have had to meet increasing demands to work faster, in more ways and deliver service and value in shorter, tighter cycles. The growth of Information Technology took a steep turn upwards in the past decade and businesses are now faced with the challenge of dealing with the tremendous changes that these brought though.
As businesses increase their focus in delivering on their core strengths, they need to address the needs of their users and customers.
The new demands on their Information Technology investment is to
Deliver better decision making capabilities
Interact with customers and suppliers in a more on-line, real-time basis
Enhance information gathering and dissemination
Develop systems that make the unique parts of the business work better
Enable business to operate uninterruptedly in a secure environment
Many of these demands are not satisfied by standard off-the-shelf solutions. Partners with skills in working with these customers in defining needs and delivering on the same are required.
In addition, businesses are looking for ways to leverage their existing investments by modernizing and / or maintaining them more effectively
IRIS’ Business Solutions services are focused to address these challenges

In organizations where IT is a commodity or a means to a business end, adapting to changes in technology can be a make-or-break decision. Widespread acceptance of doing business over the Internet initially started as a matter of curiosity and convenience. As this technology matures, it is imperative for businesses to adapt their business processes and applications to stay competitive.In product organizations where IT is the raison d’etre, adapting to changes in technology is a constant and urgent need. Product Obsolescence can threaten the very viability of a company’s business plan.These needs can be expressed in a common set of challenges facing product companies and businesses alike:
Lack of internal staff to devote to that product, application or function
Lack of internal expertise in that area or technology
Need for rapid application deployment
Need for scalability as demands and economic conditions mandate
Cost containment, resource reduction and predictability
IRIS’ Technology Services have been designed to address these challenges

IRIS values the relationship it has with each customer. We assign special teams for each customer who are equipped with the expertise needed to execute the project and deliver the expected solution. We are committed to ensuring that the deliverables match the requirements of our customers. Our value propositions to our customers are:
Delivering quality, consistently
Resource leverage – faster time to market
Flexible engagement models – drives cost advantage
IRIS has been consistently delivering on the promise that it makes to its customer. This is achieved through the ability to make the processes repeatable and delivering high efficiency service value to our engagements. Our value proposition has enabled us to achieve over 85% repeat business from our customers.
The value proposition drivers are a way of conducting our Outsourcing business; it is an internal rule and guideline that we live by.

Engagement Model
Project Management

Infrastructure & Communication
Project Continuity Management

Contact us
Website : Our Addresses:

New Jersey Office
Chicago office
200 Metroplex Drive, Suite #300 Edison, New Jersey 08817USA Tel: (732) 393 0034 Fax: (732) 393 0035
3608 Breitwieser Lane,Naperville, IL 60564USA Tel: (630) 904-5045 Fax: (775) 582-8780

Off-Shore Development CenterB-I/G-8 Mohan Cooperative Industrial EstateMathura RoadNew Delhi 110 044INDIATel: +91 11-416 77500Fax: +91 11-416 77501

For sales queryEmail: sales@irissoftware.comTo contact us directlyEmail:

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Integra Micro Systems

About us
Key Persons
Integra Micro Software Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integra Micro Systems, a leading engineering group with more than two decades of experience in the design and development of computer systems and applications. With a proven track record of conceptualizing, designing, developing, marketing, and supporting its own products, Integra today specializes in offering software products and services in diverse areas to customers world-wide. As one of the few product development companies in India, Integra during its early years offered many leading edge technology products and associated services to the Indian industry. It was the first company in India to carry out a UNIX port. Integra then moved on to product development in Office Automation, Networking and Communication, and Document Imaging, on UNIX, MS-DOS, and Windows platforms, upgrading products continuously. More than 200 of the top 300 companies in India are Integra’s customers over the last two decades. Integra was the first company in India and the fourth in the world to bring out a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) stack. Subsequently, Integra has transferred all WAP related initiatives to one of its subsidiaries, Jataayu Software, in order to give a greater focus and thrust to the burgeoning area of the wireless Internet. Today Jataayu Software has made a name for itself in the messaging and browser markets for embedded devices.Integra started focusing on offering services to global customers from around 1996 with a value proposition to utilize the company's product development experience for providing development and engineering services to global customers in core technology areas and specialized applications. Integra has since then carried out Contract R&D, Product development, maintenance, porting and productization for various global corporations. The services operations are being carried out by the subsidiary Integra Micro Software Services since 1999.

Integra Core

Chennai (Madras)New No. 16, Old No. 19Jayalakshmipuram, 1st StreetNungambakkamChennai - 600 034, India.
Tel: +91-44-28251110/30907329Fax:+91-44-28229781Contact:Bhaskar - +919840817266Shastry - +919840757266Karthik - +919940037266
Mumbai (Bombay)Millennium Business Park, MIDCPlot No. 107, Building No. 3, Sector 3TTCI Area, MahapeMumbai - 400 701, India
Tel: +91-22-27781152-53Fax: +91-22-27781159Contact: Neeraj - +919820531580
Secunderabad1-8-229/10/3Prenderghast RoadSecunderabad - 500 003, India
Tel: +91-40-27814795/27897785/40170343Contact: Datta - +919885550795Priyansh - +919866146940
New DelhiB - 30A, KalkajiNew Delhi - 110 019, India
Tel: +91-11-26425511 / 26292211/ 32934155Fax: +91-11-41600037Contact: Vimla - +919810274194
AhmedabadC-1, Mahavir Nagar FlatsOpp. Shyamal - VShyamala Char Rasta, SatelliteAhmedabad - 380 015, India
Pondicherry#31, 1st Floor, Bajannai Madam Street,Ellaipillai ChavadyPondicherry - 605 005, India
Tel: +91-413-2201193Contact: Tilak - +919894726607

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About Infogain

Infogain Corporation is a technology solution provider helping you to attract, retain and service your customers better. Combining the deep knowledge of technology and business process and leveraging its dual shore business model Infogain Corporation helps you to unlock the potential of scattered and unrelated data though integration and analysis.

We were conceived with an entrepreneurial spirit that aims toward customer delight in all of our associations. We incubate the leadership attributes of our employees by promoting entrepreneurial ventures, and combining them with strong technical and business plans.

Our goal is to understand your business, share a common business goal with you, and help you reach your objectives. We value the long-term relationship we create with our customers and ultimately become an extension of their businesses.

We strive to empower our customers through our solutions. Our objective is to capitalize on the client’s existing IT infrastructure and unlock the potential of scattered and unrelated data using our Customer Asset strategy – in which we recognize a company’s greatest asset as its customers.

We deliver end-to-end solutions through valuable strategy development, consulting services, and highly skilled engineering execution. With over a decade of on-time/on-budget delivery, Infogain has built strong practices and worldwide delivery capabilities in CRM, ERP, integration, and business intelligence; we cover industry verticals like financial services, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and government. And for clients who wish to outsource ongoing operations, Infogain supports these and other applications in a robust and tested application management environment.

Over the years, Infogain has invested in sustaining a strong infrastructure that is reflected in our world-class network of people, processes, technology, and knowledge aspects of the work environment in which we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients worldwide. These investments enhance the productivity rates per employee while significantly reducing project-centric risks for our clients.

With our presence in the USA and the Europe, and with our state-of-the-art India Development Center, we offer the benefit of localized control for our customers combined with the advantage of low cost and high quality.

Mission & Values

The Infogain Values
We VALUE our clients:

We add value to our client businesses.
We exceed client expectations by delivering innovative business solutions. that enhance their competitive advantage.
Integrity is the byword of every client interaction.

We VALUE our employees:

We value the contribution of each employee.
We respect the individual.
We invest in our employees.

We VALUE open communication:

Communication with our clients, our employees, our shareholders, and our partners is open, honest, and timely.

Contact Us

Infogain India Pvt. Ltd.
A-16, Sector 60, Noida
Gautam Budh Nagar. 201301 (U.P.) India
Phone: 91-120-2445144
Fax: 91-120-2580406


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About Us
Infinite at a Glance

Infinite is a premier global IT and ITES provider that delivers best in class IT and Business Process Services to help clients reduce costs, enhance organizational flexibility, and improve their business and IT performance. We have provencapabilities across Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing and Government verticals. Our wide spectrum of IT solutions and services encompass, Application Management, Packaged Application Services, Independent Verification & Validation, and Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.

Our practice driven service offerings, complemented by the Centers of Excellence (COE's), and Process Centers help provide measurable business value to our customers. The Centers of Excellence (COE's), Practice Centers and Process Centers focus on technology, best practices, coding standards, trends and drivers, and work towards continuously improving organization's delivery capabilities while aligning it to the evolving market requirements.

We are a preferred partner for several leading global companies including 5 Fortune 100 corporations. Our clientele includes leading names such as Verizon, IBM, GE, AOL, Pitney Bowes, Lehman Brothers, and Fiserv among others. Relentless exploration of technology horizons, a unique Global Delivery Model, committed approach to quality and a judicious combination of onsite, offsite and offshore development, offer our clients a complete range of high-ROI business solutions spanning the entire consulting, technology, operations and process outsourcing value chain.

Our business approach is based on the local management and global delivery philosophy. In line with this, we have a Global Sourcing Model, which allows us to hire the best-in-breed resources across the globe to work on client engagements. The Global Sourcing Model leverages our “Hire-Train-Deploy model” to bring efficiency to resourcing & deployment.

Our footprint spans several countries, across 4 continents. Nearly 3500 dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals work in development centers in India and USA to serve our customers. Our integrated network of development facilities across India and the US is complemented by onsite, offsite and near-shore capabilities in major international markets.

Our world-class development environment of about a quarter million sq. ft. effectively meets the needs of our global customers. We have 24 offices and 5 Development Centers. To complement the existing infrastructure, strategic augmentation plans are on the anvil for new Development Centers in APAC, Europe, China, and India (at Pune and Gurgaon). CMMI assessed and ISO 27001 certified, our world-class delivery centers have adequate bandwidth and comply with Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery requirements.

We follow global standards for software development processes that include an ISO 9001:2000 certification and assessment at Level 5 of SEI-CMMI. We have also successfully started the Six Sigma initiatives.

Driven by our formidable team of high-caliber software professionals we have successfully positioned ourselves at the vanguard of the global IT services revolution. Our flat and field-oriented management structure enables nimble response to clients. Our experienced management team members have successfully leveraged their experience and expertise in handling global customers and scaled our capabilities to not just match but exceed client expectations. Furthermore, our local management and global delivery approach to business helps build strong client relationship.

Contact Us
Asia Pac
Infinite Computer Solutions ( India) Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore , India
157, EPIP, Phase 2
Whitefield, Bangalore-560066
Phone: +91-80-41930000
Fax: +91-80-41930009
Route Map

1200, Thilak, 100 Ft Road, HAL II Stage,
Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038
Phone: +91-80-6616622
Fax: +91-80-6616600


Doyen Galaxy
# 8-3-993,
Srinagar Colony,
Hyderabad - 500073

Delhi , India
BB-11, Greater Kailash Enclave-II
Opp. Masjid Moth Commercial Complex
New Delhi-110 048
Phone: +91-11-52930000
Fax: +91-11-52930001

Mumbai , India
115-A, Gokul Arcade, Garware Chowk,
Sahar Road, Vile Parle East,
Mumbai, India. Pin: 400057
Phone: +91-22-28227135, 28227136
Fax: +91-22-28227137

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iNautix Technologies

About Us

iNautix is an affiliate of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Inc, a leading financial services provider. We provide software development services for the Company's subsidiaries, including The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and Pershing LLC, a leading securities clearing firm.

Our Mission
Deliver service excellence and innovative solutions
Foster work environment that values inclusion and offers associates, opportunity for growth and recognition
Provide leadership in shaping the future of our industry.
Support our local and global communities

Contact Us

We can be reached at:
iNautix Technologies India Private Limited
10-C TIDEL Park
4 Canal Bank Road
Chennai 600 113
Tel: 91-44-22546000 | Fax: 91-44-22540534 ______________________________________________________________

iNautix Technologies India Private Limited
8th Floor, Ascendas International Tech Park
Chennai 600 113

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About Us
iGATE Global Solutions services include consulting, IT Services, Data Analytics, Enterprise Systems, BPO/BSP, Contact Center and Infrastructure Management Services.

Going beyond one time labor arbitrage, iGATE’s iTOPS model assures clients of year on year savings by process and technology optimization, access to proprietary tools and accelerators and migration to best in class processes. The iTOPS model also allows clients to convert fixed costs to variable costs and manage business spikes and troughs more efficiently.

Services are delivered a unique pay-by-the-drink transaction pricing model that is directly linked to the business value delivered to our clients.

iTOPS Vision
To be the gold standard integrated technology and operations company offering business value through innovative and cost-efficient service delivery models to customers worldwide.

iGATE’s integrated Technology and Operations model is a unique business solution where the service partner is responsible not just for the outsourced business process but also for the underlying technology components... read more


Flagship company of iGATE Corporation, a NASDAQ listed, US based corporation
Part of InformationWeek’s ‘Managing Offshore Index’ featuring 20 of the most influential outsourcing firms in the U.S. and overseas
We work with 50 percent of the top 10 Global Brands
Cultural diversity around 10%, Gender diversity around 18%
Six Development Centers, Two BPO Delivery Centers and Sixteen Representative Sales offices across the Globe

Contact Us:
iGATE Global Solutions Ltd.
158-162(P) & 165(P)-170(P),
EPIP Phase II,
Bangalore - 560 066,
Tel : +91-80-51040000
Fax : +91-80-51259090
US Toll Free # 877 92 iGATE / 877.924.4283

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About Us
IBM India - A Profile

IBM has been present in India since 1992. Since inception, IBM in India has expanded its operations considerably with regional headquarters in Bangalore and offices in 14 cities including regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Today, the company has established itself as one of the leaders in the Indian Information Technology (IT) Industry.

Our offerings: IBM is the only IT company in the world and also in India that offers end-to-end solutions to customers from hardware to software, services and consulting.

IBM Global Services is the world's and also India’s largest information technology services and consulting provider. IGS provides the entire spectrum of customers' e-business needs -- from the business transformation and industry expertise of IBM Business Consulting Services to hosting, infrastructure, technology design and training services. IGS delivers integrated, flexible and resilient processes -- across companies and through business partners -- that enable customers to maximize the opportunities of an on-demand business environment.

Software Group the largest provider of middleware and the second-largest software business in the world offers its customers comprehensive solutions to meet their e-business requirements. IBM Software provides best-of-breed solutions for financial services, manufacturing, process, distribution, government, infrastructure and small & medium business sectors. IBM Software portfolio consists of:

Transformation and integration solutions that are built on the IBM WebSphere middleware platform.
Information leveraging solutions that are built on a portfolio of Data management (DB2) tools
Lotus product line to help organizations leverage collective know-how
Tivoli range of products to enable organizations to manage complex technology infrastructure.
Rational range of Application Development Tools to help software development houses develop applications in a structured and systematic way
IBM's Personal Computing Division was acquired this year by Lenovo Group Limited, the leading Personal Computer brand in Asia. Lenovo will continue to be the preferred supplier of PCs to IBM and IBM will provide service and support for 5 years to Lenovo PCs.
IBM Global Financing provides flexible and attractive financing and leasing programs to fund Information Technology (IT) requirements of Indian customers. IGF helps customers through greater access to the hardware, software, solutions and services essential to compete in the global marketplace.

India is an important market for IBM and the company has been making significant investments from time to time.

IBM Innovation Center for Business Partners

Global Business Solution Center, Bangalore

Linux Solution Center, Bangalore

IBM Linux Competency Center, Bangalore

Software Innovation Center , Gurgaon

India Software Lab at Bangalore and Pune

High Performance On Demand Lab in India

Engineering & Technology Services Center, Bangalore

India Research Laboratory, Delhi :
(One among 8 facilities worldwide)

IBM also set up its Global delivery centres at Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon and Kolkata. They deliver “best-of-breed’ technology solutions to IBM customers worldwide covering middleware, e-business technologies, enterprise and web technologies, data warehousing across functional areas like Supply Chain Operation Services, Financial Management Services, Human Resource Services, Customer Relationship Management, e-Business Integration, Application Management Services.

Business Transformation Outsourcing Centers at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Kolkata: IBM Daksh is the Business Transformation arm of IBM Corporation in India. Established as a result of the acquisition of Daksh eServices by IBM Corporation in April 2004, IBM Daksh serves as a global hub to handle business process and transformation outsourcing for clients from across the world. With 14 service delivery centers in India and Philippines, IBM Daksh is a key part of a network of more than 20 BTO centers around the world.

Recent recognitions:

IBM Daksh was ranked as the No. 1 Preferred Employer in the Dataquest – IDC
BPO Employee Satisfaction survey 2005.

IBM Daksh recognized as the BestManaged Outsourcing Vendor in the world by the Black Book of Outsourcing in 2005.
IBM Daksh was ranked as the No. 1 Employer by Dataquest – IDC in their BPO Employee Satisfaction survey 2004.

Partnering India

IBM shares the belief that India can unleash its true potential only through making IT available to and usable for large numbers of people. IBM’s Community initiatives focus on education and children and leverage its expertise in technology to address societal issues. IBM has partnering relationships in India with a number of educational institutions. IBM has also set up an IT Center in Mumbai in association with Victoria Memorial School for the Blind to impart IT education to visually impaired people. IBM KidSmart Early Learning program was launched to further strengthen IBM’s commitment to community in India. This is the only program in India aimed at introducing technology at the pre-school level in disadvantaged sections of society to get a head start on their academic development through the use of age-appropriate software developed by IBM. Tryscience is another community related programme launched, which reinvents science learning, recreates the interactive experience of onsite visits, and provides science projects as well as multimedia adventure field trips for museum visitors - primarily children, their parents and teachers.

For more information on IBM India log on to:

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HTC Global Services

Are you looking for a rewarding career with a company that has:
A consistent track record of profitable growth
Clear vision and values
The ability to face the good and not-so-good times with resilience
The capacity to respond wisely to opportunities
Proven skills to develop new products and enter new markets
A well-defined commitment to the success of its people
HTC is all this, and more. We are an "Inc 500 Hall of Fame" company, working with state-of-the-art technology, equipment and processes, and providing business solutions across a wide range of verticals.

If you are looking for a challenging job with an attractive compensation and an open culture where you can grow and develop with one of the fastest growing companies in America, HTC is the place for you.

Work Culture

Career Path

About Us
Established in 1990, HTC is an Inc. 500 Hall of Fame company offering proven information technology solutions to our global customers. As a leading information technology solutions provider, we help our customers reach out to their clients, employees and suppliers through cutting edge technology solutions built with SEI-CMM Level 5 and ISO-9001:2000 compliant processes.

We are based in Troy, Michigan. We have international offices in Sydney (Australia),London (UK), Singapore, Mumbai and Bangalore (India), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Our Global Delivery Center in Chennai, India provides the base for our offshore project and production work.

Staffed by a team of 2800+ highly qualified and experienced professionals, HTC offers business specific solutions in the following verticals - Automotive and Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance and Finance, Retail, Technology, Publishing, Government , Telecom, and Energy and Utilities.

HTC is a certified Minority Business Enterprise recognized by the Michigan Business Development Council (MMBDC).

Contact Us
HTC Global Services (India) Private Limited
Chennai - 600 045,

Phone : +91 44 22623522
Fax : +91 44 22627713

To explore career opportunities with HTC, mail your resume to

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Hewlett Packard

About Us
HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. We explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. We apply new thinking and ideas to create simpler and more valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customers live and work. No other company offers as complete a technology product portfolio as HP. We provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. Being a leading company starts with strong financial performance. It also means leading in citizenship.

HP is driven by long-established values and objectives that emphasize customer service, integrity, respect for individuals and global citizenship. The way we see it, global citizenship and business success go hand in hand. In fact, global citizenship is the "hidden component" in HP products – embedded in our design and engineering,
including accessibility, energy efficiency and recycling.

Technology Leadership
HP's three business groups drive industry leadership in core technology areas:

• The Imaging and Printing Group: inkjet, LaserJet and commercial printing, printing supplies, digital photography and entertainment
• The Personal Systems Group: business and consumer PCs, mobile computing devices and workstations
• The Technology Solutions Group: business products including storage and servers, managed services and software

HP Benefits
Our Total Rewards program offers competitive, performance-based pay, and our health plans, income protection, retirement and savings package are tailored to your needs. We believe when excellent performance is acknowledged and rewarded, people are motivated and work smarter.

Here are some of the areas we typically hire for :
• Hardware Design Engineer
• Software Development Engineer
• Firmware Engineer
• Response Center Engineer
• IT Architect
• Product Engineer
• Solutions Architect
• Technical Consultant
• Supply Chain Engineer
• Inside Sales Representative

• Financial Analyst
• Business Analyst
• Product Marketing Manager
• Business Developer
• Solutions Consultant
• Support Consultant
• Account Services Manager
• Planner
• Human Resources

The expertise and degrees we need vary by location. Generally, we look for graduates holding the following types of degrees:

• Computer Science
• Computer Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Material Science
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Information Technology
• Management Information Systems (MIS)
• Accounting/Finance
• Marketing
• Business Administration

We have various internships available throughout the world. Each program is different, depending upon the country you work in, and the needs of each specific facility. Visit and navigate the site to discover the opportunities that most closely match your abilities.

Every company claims to have “global reach.” HP has a truly global presence - in over 160 countries around the globe. You can visit specific locations at

Our approach.
Everyone at every level of HP is encouraged to not only express their ideas, but to use the resources and expertise of our company to bring them to life. We believe technology has the power to change the world for the better. We work every day to put new ideas at the forefront of that change.

Our relationships.
HP’s reputation for innovation and tradition of employee empowerment makes it easier to attract great minds. Our insistence on the highest ethical standards makes us a company customers want to do business with. Taken together, these qualities make us a company people really want to work for. And being a great place to work has always been good business.

Our innovative nature.
HP is the company that invents the unique and significant, creating prosperity and changing lives - particularly those of the people who work for us

Ready to see how far your ideas can take you?
Visit us online at and complete a profile.

Hewlett Packard is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to diversity in the workforce.

HP in India

As a global company with worldwide resources, HP India offers tremendous opportunities for people to gain a depth and breadth of knowledge in the IT industry.

At HP India, you are given the freedom and flexibility to make decisions, in a dynamic work culture that is as enthusiastic about fun, as we are about teamwork. With our focus on training and development, you'll enjoy quick personal development and constant exposure to new technologies and solutions.

Today, HP India is number one in everything from PCs, enterprise storage solutions, printers, scanners and so much more. Our Indian entities are:

Hewlett Packard India Sales Private Limited for sales and marketing operations

Global e: Business Operations Private Limited for transaction processing and Hewlett Packard India Software Operations Private Limited for software development and sales.

Our offices spread across Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. As the best place to start your career and a great place to work, HP India offers a stimulating work environment where you can compete with the very best.

Contact us

Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd.
24, Salarpuria Arena
Hosur Main Road, Adugodi,
Bangalore - 560 030
Tel: 2563355

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About Us
Headstrong is a global consultancy delivering expertise across business processes, strategic consulting and technology through its global delivery and sourcing model. Headstrong helps its clients realize value from their business and technology initiatives while leveraging a steadfast heritage (as James Martin + Co) of strong methodologies and global program management. Headstrong is over 2400 people strong world wide with 6 offices in the US and global presence in UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Manila.

As a front liner in services globalization with offshore development facilities in India and the Philippines, Headstrong services clients in the financial services, public sector, technology, and services industries. Headstrong can deliver a full range of integration services, including strategic assessment, design and implementation, and application development and maintenance both onshore and offshore. With 25-years track record of proven results, Headstrong's client base includes Fortune 2000 companies and multi-national global corporations. Headstrong's adherence to continuous improvement has earned it quality certifications such as SEI-CMM Level 5, People-CMM Level 3 and ISO-9001:2000. Headstrong is headquartered near Washington DC, with a global presence across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Headstrong has a domain focused model servicing strategy to application outsourcing in the industries served. To mention within Financial Services - Headstrong maintains a Center of Excellence in Bangalore, India focused exclusively on developing prototypes, reusable components and solutions for the capital markets industry. Headstrong's financial services team is composed of over 1250 financial services domain leaders and technical experts who have worked for the world's largest investment banks in areas like Finance Lending, Private Wealth Management, Mortgage, Trading and brokerage. Headstrong key clients in this segment include 9 of the top ten investment banks on the Wall Street.

Headstrong is a global consultancy delivering expertise across business processes, strategic consulting and technology through its global delivery and sourcing model. Headstrong helps its clients realize value from their business and technology initiatives while leveraging a steadfast heritage (as James Martin + Co) of strong methodologies and global program management. Headstrong is over 2400 people strong world wide with 6 offices in the US and global presence in UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Manila.

As a front liner in services globalization with offshore development facilities in India and the Philippines, Headstrong services clients in the financial services, public sector, technology, and services industries. Headstrong can deliver a full range of integration services, including strategic assessment, design and implementation, and application development and maintenance both onshore and offshore. With 25-years track record of proven results, Headstrong's client base includes Fortune 2000 companies and multi-national global corporations. Headstrong's adherence to continuous improvement has earned it quality certifications such as SEI-CMM Level 5, People-CMM Level 3 and ISO-9001:2000. Headstrong is headquartered near Washington DC, with a global presence across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Headstrong has a domain focused model servicing strategy to application outsourcing in the industries served. To mention within Financial Services - Headstrong maintains a Center of Excellence in Bangalore, India focused exclusively on developing prototypes, reusable components and solutions for the capital markets industry. Headstrong's financial services team is composed of over 1250 financial services domain leaders and technical experts who have worked for the world's largest investment banks in areas like Finance Lending, Private Wealth Management, Mortgage, Trading and brokerage. Headstrong key clients in this segment include 9 of the top ten investment banks on the Wall Street.

Contacts US

D-4, Sector-59,
Uttar Pradesh
Tel: +91-120-4074000
Fax: +91-120-4075999


JP Techno Park
No 3/1, Millers Road
Bangalore - 560 025
Tel: +91.80.41981000
Fax: +91.80.41327777

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Tuesday, December 18

Be sure to include dates in your resume

Be sure to include dates in your resume
Employers want to know if you have job - hopped or if you have stayed at one job for a number of years. You should start with your most recent job and follow down chronologically.

College resume.
The college resume is good fit for you if you are an upcoming or recent graduate of high school or college entering the workforce for the first time. It is usually only one page and is a carefully crafted combination of educational experience and job skills. Don't know where to begin? A resume company can help you decide what direction you should move in.

Objective Statement.
If you use an objective at the top of your resume, make sure it is not too generic. Why not replace your generic statement with an objective that uses specific keywords to describe how you want to use your specific skills to benefit the company.

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Sunday, December 16

Legal Openings

Im maha from a consultants in Chennai.

We have a Requirement in Bangalore with our client who is a leading Investment & Banking Firm in India.
The following are the details of the requirement.

Senior Position in Legal Support


Strong knowledge in the Legal field
Should be from a BPO or any Industry
Would be an Indian regulatory role

Location : Bangalore
Experience : 4-8 years

Interested people, pls forward me your updated cv to


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Jobs in Brisbane

Briscomm is seeking Sales Consultants with a passion for people & looking for success in a challenging, uncapped, reward & recognition environment.

We pay weekly retainer along with very generous commissions and incentives while you enjoy working with other FUN loving people.

No experience is necessary as full ongoing training & development provided, however we encourage someone who is self-motivated, willing to learn and have a CAN DO attitude.

Please email your resume to:

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Tech Mahindra, CTS Requires HR Executives.

MIS Ececutive (PMO Role)

Tech Mahindra Ltd.,

HR Generalist
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd

IT Recruiter

And more Today's HR Jobs @ Top MNCs..

For Job Details::

With Regards..

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PPC Experts required (Pay Per Click)

We are a dynamic young firm in Delhi that specializes in cutting edge web services and solutions. We are a team of dedicated professionals that lives and breathes innovation. Our state-of-the-art facilities, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry has made us the premier choice for clients worldwide. To know more about us log on

Job Description:
- PPC (Pay Per Click) & Overture paid campaigns
- Analyzing and designing the content plan
- Bid Management
- Affiliate Marketing
- Web Analytics (Traffic analysis & Referer Analysis)
- Handling all SEO & PPC tools
- Managing all the processes related to Client requirements & Maintaining client relationship.

Desired Skill Set:
- Excellent verbal & written skills
- Minimum 1 year of experience in PPC Management
- Preferrably local candidates

If feel interested for the position, revert with your updated CV on or

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FairIsaac Recruting 2-8 yrs Java/J2EE ppl

FairIsaac [] is looking for 2-8 yr Java/J2EE ppl for there Bangalore Development Center. The person should have very strong knowledge of Core Java,J2EE, JSP, XML.

In case you are interested, send your resume at


PS: FI is one of the best paymaster..

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Wanted Electrical Engineers :
Fresher / Exp. ( 1-3) years
Control Panel Design.
Place : Navi Mumbai
Send your resume to

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Job Alert - Senior Project Engineers Required

A Petrochemical and Oil company need the following engineers who will stay permanently in their Head Office/Branch Office in Saudi Arabia :

1. Senior Project Engineer (Instrumentation & Control)
2. Senior Project Engineer (Electrical)
3. Senior Project Engineer (Mechanical)
4. QA/QC Engineer (Mechanical)

BE/ in the respective field, With Min 7-15 Yrs Experience as a Senior Project Engineer in any Medium/Big EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) company.

Please Send your Updated C.V's to

Recruitment Team
Via Solutions

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Position Title: Financial Service Consultant

Function : Banc Assurance & Alliance

Position Reports to: Sales Manager or Area Sales Manager


Role Purpose:
 Achieve Sales target.
 Through direct Marketing ,worksite, corporate, telesales
 Prospects Clients
 Generate leads through own contact

Key Accountabilities :

1. To achieve sales target

2 Generate business and business potential

3. Coordinate with branch operations in order to ensure timely processing of Policy/application forms

4. Generate leads

Any Enquires please contact Shwetha-080 41488886, you can also send mail

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Vacancies in JPMorgan(Mumbai).

Hi Friends,

JUST SMS your e-mail ID to my cell no: 9819670203 and you will receive a mail or a call
for job.

If you are a graduate and looking for a job in one of the worlds biggest financial institution than here's your chance.
The candidate should meet below eligibility criteria:

Company: JPMorganchase or any other graduate.
Communication skills: Should know written and spoken english (Fluency not necessary).
Percentage:Should have scored 50% or more in graduation exams.
Experience:0 to 1 or above
Salary: 15000(INR) and above (depends on qualification and experience).

Ask your friends and other members of your family if they are meeting the above given eligibility criteria.

Thanks & Kind regards,

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Walk in to IPDC to get the JOB you always wanted.. you might just walk out with an Offer letter.

Experience:0 - 4 Years


Education:UG - B.B.A - Management;B.Com - Commerce PG - M.Com - Commerce

Industry Type:BPO/ITES /CRM/Transcription

Functional Area:ITES/BPO/KPO, Customer Service, Ops.

Desired Candidate Profile
# B.Com graduates & M.Com Post graduates but not persuing CA / CS / ICWAI / CFA.

# Should have good accounting knowledge.

# Analytical bent of mind and logical reasoning.

# Detail Conscious and having a proactive approach.

# Strong word and excel skills.

# Ability to take complete ownership of assigned responsibilities and demonstrate innovation at the work place.

# Average Communication Skills.

# Open to work in 24*7 work environment.

Call Us: 98288-96288, 0141-4016288


Walkin @ IPDC Training & Placement
1st Floor, Ramayana Apt,
Vaishali Marg,
Vaishali Nagar,

Drop in your Resume:

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Infoview Tech-Trainee Programmers 0-1exp- chennai

OnlyBE/Btech 2006 & 2007 (CSE & IT) Candidates who are above 80% through out their academics will be considered.

-No History of Arrears

-Apply to

-Walk in to our office from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 3pm

Infoview Technologies P LTD
#22/1, Sardar Patel Road,
Kasturibha Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai
Chennai - Tamilnadu ,INDI 600094

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Building Partnerships
Geometric is a specialist in providing PLM solutions to the global mechanical design, manufacturing and industrial markets.

Our mission
"Customer satisfaction through world class PLM solutions delivered with passion"

Core values
- Building / supplying technologies and services to help our customers compete
- An exciting, creative work environment
- Personal and corporate integrity

Geometric is a leader in providing the most cost-effective, end-to-end product lifecycle management (PLM) services to the global mechanical design, manufacturing and industrial markets

The company's partnerships with major PLM vendors such as Dassault Systemes, EDS and MatrixOne enable it to provide cost-effective services on leading PLM platforms.

Geometric offers services based on CATIA™, ENOVIA™, DELMIA™, eMatrix™, Teamcenter Enterprise (Metaphase)™, Windchill™ and other leading CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software platforms.

It employs over 600 software professionals in its offshore development centers in India. Geometric and Dassault Systemes have formed a subsidiary company, 3D PLM Software Solutions Ltd., which provides software development services for the Dassault Systemes group.

The company has its business development headquarters in Merrimack, NH, USA, and sales offices in Germany, Singapore and Japan. The Geometric scrip is traded on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in India.

Geometric is assessed at SEI CMM Level 3.

For any information pertaining to our products / services or our three business units, please contact us at: marketing@geometricsoftware.comFor further information Visit Us at :

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Founded in 1991, FSS pioneered the ePayments industry in India. The company, headquartered in Chennai, has established itself as the market-leading provider of software for payments processing in India and overseas. FSS technologies have a 85% market share in ATM driving and 75% market share in POS driving in India Our customers in India alone process 30 million cards at an average of 5 million transactions every day.

Leveraging its tremendous domain knowledge in ePayments transactions across various touch points, highly skilled software development and implementation resources, enduring partnerships with global technology leaders, and a world-class IT infrastructure, FSS is rapidly expanding its footprint to offer products and services to banks, software vendors and other customers worldwide.

At FSS, we design, develop, implement and maintain a variety of solutions that enable banks and financial institutions to offer reliable, cost-effective and secure ePayments facilities to their customers.

FSS has over 35 customers in India and the world over and our infrastructure is designed to add maximum value to customers and employees. FSS' development centers are strategically located in Mumbai and Chennai and house over 300 people currently.

About US
FSS' range of end-to-end solutions span ATM / POS switching, internet, mobile, commerce gateway, electronic bill payment & presentment (EBPP), anywhere banking, and card processing & management systems.

Founded in 1991, FSS is a pioneer in the payments industry in India . The
company, headquartered in Chennai, has established itself as the market leader providing software for payments processing in India and Overseas. The Carlyle Group, a leading global private equity investment firm headquartered in the US is a growth partner.

FSS leverages its tremendous domain knowledge in electronic payment transactions across various touch points, through highly skilled software development and implementation resources, enduring partnerships with global technology leaders, and a world-class IT infrastructure. Today FSS offers its products and services to banks, software vendors and other customers in the payments industry worldwide.

Contact Us

Registered Office & Technology Centre, Chennai502 A 5th Floor South Block, TIDEL IT Park#4 Canal Bank RoadTaramaniChennai - 600 113IndiaTel: +91-44-2254 0251 / 2254 0261Fax: +91-44-22540465E-mail :

Technology Centre, Mumbai501-508, 5th Floor‘Everest Chambers’ Plot No.794Andheri Kurla RoadMarol Naka, Andheri EastMumbai – 400 059IndiaTel: +91-22-2859 8004 /2859 8005Fax:+91-22-2859 8006E-mail :

Branch Office, USA 5 Independence Way , Suite 300Princeton, NJ 08540, USATel: + 1 609 5145140 Fax: + 1 609 5145156 E-mail :

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