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Are you the proverbial ‘difficult employee’?

Hi Friends,
Last month I had a meeting with one of my old friends, who is now VP–HR in a fairly large IT setup. He informed me that he is planning to lay off a couple of hundred people in his
company, in a phased manner. What surprised me was that he mentioned that out of them around 80% are ‘difficult employees’. I wondered aloud what was his definition of a ‘difficult
employee’. .
In every department/organization there are few people who are arrogant, demeaning (to others), insubordinate, not trustworthy, (always) cribbing and unproductive.
It sure means that ‘difficult employees’ are at the first place in the queue when it comes to being shown the door.
Based on his observation and my research, I am listing a few traits/signs that can label you as a ‘difficult employee’. They are:
1. Work is your foe/ additional responsibility:
I, like many people, don’t like to work long hours or during weekends. But in a down economy & competitive environment your approach towards this additional work plays a huge role in
whether you are a valuable employee of the organization or not. Organizations generally perceive an employee’s worth by evaluating his/her work ethics.
2. Your personal problems are public knowledge:
If most of your colleagues are aware of all your personal problems, from hole in the shoe, missed breakfast, argument with friend, mismatched nailpolish, then this point is for you. No one
is really interested in these kind of regular updates.
No one likes ‘difficult employees’ in their team, organization. Every organization wants an employee who can add value. So watch your approach in office, who knows someone is preparing
list to lay off!
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