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RFID Consultant Job in QuantumID Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd Pune

Job Title: RFID Consultant
Company Name: QuantumID Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd
Experience in years: 2 years Max : 4 years.

Expertise on RFID passive & active tags from all possible global vendors.
Hands on real RFID project experience.
Command over LF, HF, UHF, MW & UWB solutions already available and to which applications they fit.
RFID site survey and solution designing.
Expertise in Barcode technology.
Knowledge of problems in multiple industries where RFID or AIDC in general can be extremely effective.
Excellent communication skills.
Understanding of RFID middleware & Application software
Understanding of WIFI & GPRS systems.

Salary Range: Open
Job Location: Pune
Apply Email:
Contact number: +919970096981

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