Friday, March 6

Opening for ROR guys in Pune

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to call on all Guru WebDevelopers and friends of Guru WebDevelopers!
Have you ever had the dream of working in a dynamic, intense and entrepreneurial environment with like minded Web-Junkies?
Ever thought about your own creative ideas while working on client projects, only to find that you end up leaving them aside?
Have you ever wanted to harness the power at your fingertips that web technologies give you, but not had the right team to support you?
(Ever wanted to do more projects in Ruby on Rails?)
Welcome to SapnaSolutions - We dare to dream!
Guru Web Developer - Pune
If you are a master of either Ruby on Rails (or Hibernate/Swing or other agile web development frameworks), JavaScript, HTML/CSS or Flash/Flex, and have always dreamed of working in an energetic, highly skilled and entrepreneurial team of like minded Internet Junkies, your dream may have just come true. See for more information.
RockStar Designer - Pune
If your designs and graphics make people go 'wow' and you have a passion for the looks of Web2.0 and beyond, we want you in our team! We are looking for pros in either Flash, Photoshop, FireWorks, etc, who can also implement what they designs, to create stunning web applications made-in-India.
Java / Ruby on Rails Developer - Pune
You have been working in Java and some web frameworks for some time, and wonder what the Ruby on Rails buzz is all about? Come and find out! If you have good working knowledge of Java and the web, and want to do more in that space, getting into Ruby on Rails will be a piece of cake! Join our dedicated RoR development team and get into the spirit of agile web development at SapnaSolutions!
== About SapnaSolutions ==
SapnaSolutions is a new type of web development company, and amongst the first of its kind in India: We follow a two tier strategy of delivering highly engaging and creative client projects on one hand, and developing innovative, 'Intrapreneurial' Web,

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