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Patent Analyst Role Job Opening Noida

Location of Vacancy: Noida
Position: Patent Analyst
Role / Job Description:
This is a very responsible position in the organization wherein the incumbent would function in a team dedicated to our clients. This is a very challenging, research oriented role and would require the incumbent to have a sound conceptual understanding of current technologies in the engineering domain (mainly related to areas as Operating System, Data Communication, Designs etc.).

The role is defined by two principal activities:
1) Conducting Prior Art Searches: Invention disclosures related to new technologies invented by our clients are passed on to our team of patent engineers. Our team supports the respective clients with inputs on the patentability aspects of the technology before the client decides to go ahead and file a patent application for the same. The role requires the incumbent:

a) to understand the technological concepts / key features of the references passed onto us by the client,

b) to scan the relevant databases, internet and other resources such as IEEE i.e. conduct prior art searches to find out if similar technologies exist.

c) to map out the key features of the invention / new technology with those of the most comparable technologies in the found set to identify significant differences which could support the novelty aspects of the invention and hence its patentability.

d) to present the findings to clients in the form of a detailed report.

2) Conducting Validation / Invalidation Studies: Our client may be challenged by a competitor in a court of law on using / marketing a technology which the challenger may claim to have a patent / patent application for. On being referred to by the client, our team of patent engineers conducts extensive research on similar technological references from the above stated sources, analyzes the information so generated and supports the client with inputs on whether the existing patent could be rendered invalid. An invalidation would imply that the client faces a strong prospect in rebutting the competitor’s claim in the said court of law and the invalidation process would / may be substantially influenced from the findings / report presented by the patent engineers at Intellevate.

Person Specifications:
1) Minimum a B. Tech./Mtech (Electical/ Electronics & Communication/ Mechanical/ Biotechnology.).
2) 0-3 years of work experience in either research, industry or academia.
3) Good understanding of Technologies.
4) Excellent communication, particularly written communication skills.
5) Sensitivity to meeting deadlines
6) Ability to function in a team.
7) Must be of pleasant disposition.
8) Must be resourceful in terms of deciding the databases / resources to be accessed for information search / access / compilation, designing relevant search strings etc.

Compensation: The Company offers an attractive & competitive compensation package, generous benefits, employee-friendly policies and a 5 working days week.

Training: New incumbents are imparted an initial on the job training pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights related concepts, terminology, processes, databases and other resources.

Thanks n Regards,
Amit Gupta
Recruiting Pundits
Office: 0120- 4086688
Cell: 9311188058

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