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Sr. Integration Developer w/seeburger (perm/direct hire)

Job Title: Sr. Integration Developer w/seeburger (perm/direct hire)
Company Name: Consultis of Dallas
Experience in years: two years minimum
Skills: - Must be able to write object orientated software and understand event driven programming.
- Must have a minimum of two to four years programming experience with/in ABAP/4.
- Must have a minimum of two years combined programming experience in one or more of C++, Java, or C#.
- Must be able to work using a variety of languages.
- Must be able to follow all relevant development standards and development procedures.
- Must know SQL-92 and posses a basic understanding of database design, security, integrity, and locking.
- Must be capable of writing multithreaded code and understand the concepts needed when developing multi-user systems.
- Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, capable of writing both technical documentation and business writing.
- Must have extensive computer skills.
- Must have advanced math skills.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science preferred.

Salary Range: 75,000.00-90,000.00
Job Location: Dallas, TX
Apply Email:
Contact number: 214-691-8111

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